MyBaseball Stats Manager

Coming soon to IOS!

A unique baseball statistic tracker that lets you examine your team’s performance based on batting and fielding lineups. You can easily track these common statistics:

Batting – Hits, At Bats, Average
Pitching – Strikeouts, Pitches Thrown, Walks, Earned Runs, Batters Faced

You can enter data at the end of the game which will be tied to your opponent and the playing level (A,AA,AA, and Other). You can narrow down statistics to see how your players are performing against specific teams or divisions.

Fielding & Batting Templates:

You can preset as many fielding templates and batting orders as you want. These templates can be input into your game outcome and provide reporting data on which are the most successful for you.

All of these reports and templates can be exported to PDF and emailed or printed right off of your mobile device! You can even print off your fielding template for the game for your players to see.


Quickstart Tips:

To get started, the first thing you will want to do is add players to your roster. Once you have added all your players,  you can begin to create fielding and batting templates. You will also want to set you your opponents before creating or scheduling games. Once set up, add a new game and record your data which will be accessible in the reports afterward.


Contact for support and feature requests.