Skills Hockey VR

Skills Hockey VR is an entertaining new VR hockey game, currently in development.



Skills hockey currently features 4 mini-games including shooting, goaltending, bodychecking, and the streets. The HTC vive is currently the only VR set supported and it requires tracked motion controllers for use. The precision tracking feels incredibly accurate and gives a realist hockey experience.




For most of the game to pick up any piece of hockey equipment, you can walk up and press the trigger button while the controller is touching the object.

Teleporting – to move your location to a remote area, press the up area of the touchpad down and point to where you want to go, release the button and you will be moved to that location. Green arrows will indicate a teleportable area.

Resizing Equipment –  for smaller or larger users, there is an easy way to resize any piece of equipment while it is attached to your controller. Simply hold the side grip & press right or left on the touchpad to increase or decrease size.

Auto Attach –  most pieces of equipment are set up to interact at a specific point to make it easier for new users to understand the game. If you would prefer to place equipment at a different point on your controller, you can toggle this off and when you pull the trigger near an item, it will attach at that point instead. You can find this option by pressing the menu button on the controller.



Dressing Room

This is your main menu where you can chose which level you want to actually play in. You can do this by shooting the icon object that represents your game choice into the net, or by pointing and pulling the trigger over your selection on the right. You will also find the high score area in the Trophy Room. This is currently under development, but it will display all of the high scores for future events on trophies. You will also find a practice shooting area on the back wall, pucks will return after a few seconds. Also, if you miss your level shot badly, the object will return after five seconds.


Goaltending Mode

You will face shots from random locations in the offensive zone. The game will estimate the location of your chest and head, anything outside of that you need to stop with your blocker, stick or catcher. You can make adjustments to the game by pressing the menu button on your controller. From the menu, you can control the shot high & low speeds. This will pick a random range between the two values. If both settings are high, you will only face hard shots. If low is set low, and high is set low, you will get a mix of really hard and really soft shots. You can also change the glove side for left-hander goaltenders, toggle auto attach, music, and put on a goaltending mask for a more realistic feel. The goal of this game is to get the most consecutive stops.


Shooting Mode

You are free to shoot as many pucks or street hockey balls as possible at the goaltender.  You can use your stick with either one or two hands. Currently, most users will likely find they have more control with one hand, but a more realistic feel with two. You can spawn a puck or ball by touching the large puck or ball with your hand or stick, each shot will record a shot speed on the clock behind and the goal siren/light will go off when you score. You can move the spawning points by grabbing the spawn points and releasing them in another area. Shot trail renderers are only active for 5 seconds after spawning.



BodyChecking Mode

Hockey players will spawn from every direction, skating with their head down and it’s your chance to show the fans what you’ve got! Grab the gloves and step into your man to see how far you can hit him. You can check the hit distance up on the scoreboard.



The Streets

A free space for you to explore and test out some new moves. You can shoot various objects including cans, bottles, barrels, pumpkins, and more. Teleport anywhere you see fit to pull off that awesome trick shot, including rooftops. This level is not developed much outside of the main playing area, but you are free to check things out!


If you have any game suggestions or support requests, please post them in our forum.